Francis Bacon

Beauty Vs. Ugliness

Personal confession: I'm attracted to the uncanny, in art, I mean.

I like my art melancholic, dark and deep. it's not about the colors or subject, but more about the overall atmosphere that the painting reflects on the viewer. It's a feeling that's difficult to translate verbally, its  what happens while observing an image which could fit perfectly in to the definition of beautiful and ugly at the same time.

There is a wonderful lecture by the great Umberto Eco, who with his lovely Italian accent gives quite an amusing talk on the subject of ugliness, this incredibly smart guy has edited 2 books dedicated, one to beauty and the other to ugliness. CLICK HERE FOR THE LECTURE.

I don't think I could give a better observation, and certainly I am not as knowledgeable, but I do have my own sense of aesthetics; These are examples of superb ugliness to the state of beautiful master pieces: 

Lucian Freud

Yigal Tumarkin

Gideon Smilansky

Roger Ballen (Recent Exhibition at the Tel Aviv Museum)

Michal Yaniv

The Great Picasso

Philippe Pasqua

Michael Kessus Gdaliovich